Members Benefits

These are some of the advantages gained with a NAATA membership:


  • Connect with individuals/companies that will offer you growth potential through new markets
  • Meet service providers that can streamline the way you operate
  • Annual conference open to the North America and International communities focused on trade growth and industry awareness.


  • NAATA has a positive connotation within the CBP and ICE giving its members credibility in the industry. This is due to strong leadership and a diligent screening process of membership approval.
  • US CUSTOMS and BORDER PROTECTION are cognitive of NAATA and their knowledge in the trading of automobiles
  • Lobbying to develop relationships with Canadian and Mexican officials in order to encompass all North American agencies that may influence the trading of cars.


  • A member only AGM is held once a year where members can participate in the direction of the NAATA through voting on different topics or the nomination of board of trustees.Every member’s voice carries clout.


  • Communication onworldwide industry related news topics


  • NAATA members have access to JDIMI Marine Insurance Program that is built specific for our industry at aggressive price levels that allow for savings.
  • Partnership with foreign exchange provider AFEX
  • Discounted rates to events, conference and partnership meetings
  • Access to list of preferred shipping agents, and legal services

In an industry that is in constant evolvement, being part of a collective will always allow you to overcome hurdles that may arise. There is strength and increased respect in numbers.  Government agencies are more apt to entertain topics of discussion presented by an organization representing an industry, than a single individual company.

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