About Us

The North American Automobile Trade Association (“NAATA”) is a 501 (c)(6) corporation and was established to represent independent traders of vehicles in North America.  Our Members are Canadian, United States and Mexican based exporters who trade vehicles between North American countries and between North America and Europe and Asian traders. We also admit European and Asian traders of vehicles who wish to trade with our Members.

Our Members are both independent traders of vehicles and service providers to the industry.  If you are a company that provides a service such as freight forwarding, logistics, finance, legal representation, banking, currency exchange, trucking and insurance – just to name a few areas – we welcome your participation.  Our Association strives to provide current information on the status of global trade and regularly interfaces with law enforcement entities such as the United States Customs and Border Protection.

We strive to provide an environment whereby independent traders and service providers can network and increase their business opportunities.  If you are such an organization, we recommend that you contact us at naata@naatatrade.org for more information on membership.

NAATA is a source for referrals and we would be pleased to recommend a company with which you can do business.

Become a member today and take advantage of the exclusive opportunities and initiatives that NAATA can provide to their members.


Charles Brofman – President and Chair of the Legal Committee

George Sahakian – Vice President

Hillary Chouinard – Vice President, Chair of Conference Committee, Financial Audit Committee

Matin Moosa – Treasurer and Financial Audit Committee

John Daalhuisen – Secretary

Dan Dixon – Chair of Membership Committee

Karen Maclellan – Chair of Insurance Committee

John Kavadas– Social Media

Michael O’Rourke – Executive Director