History of NAATA

(NAATA) The North American Automobile Trade Association started in Canada in 1996, where there was already a burgeoning vehicle export trade. With the Canadian dollar at low levels and an ample supply of vehicles built to safety and emissions standards that were recognized internationally, a strong vehicle export industry was established in Canada. Vehicles were exported to and from the United States and Canada – around the world.

NAATA was established with a mission to promote the export of motor vehicles.

The Canadian and American vehicle export industry is still thriving. Eighteen years after the beginning of the association, Canadian and US based exporters continue to serve markets around the world. It is also diversified to ensure that vehicles are sourced wherever there is a buying advantage for customers. Canadian and US based exporters are able to source vehicles for any market.

(AASA) The American Automotive Shippers Association has a long, rich history of more than 25 years of association programs for members that include conferences, meetings, exclusivity with a Piers Protection program, access to premier shipping agents and has in the past offered cargo insurance at a discounted rate to members.  Many programs and initiatives have successfully been implemented over the course of many years, to continue providing programs and planning for the importing and exporting of motor vehicles around the globe.

The rich history of AASA are the results of many strong advocates of the exporting industry.   The Board of Directors for AASA continue to develop strong relationships with US and Canadian based service providers and industry professionals, to remain at the forefront of the industry.

(Joint Venture Partners) In 2013, NAATA and AASA became Joint Venture Partners to combine resources and industry expertise to become the largest trade organization in North America in the automotive import/export industry, with ties and partnership spanning the globe.

(NAATA) In 2017 the organization continues under the name NAATA to be the leading organization to support the industry of importing and exporting of motor vehicles. Naata has increased its impact on reviewing policies at the Federal and State level, reducing trade barriers, supporting market development, and creating international programs – to ensure the viability and business model for its members continues to be a part of a thriving market.