Buying Vehicles from North America


There are tremendous opportunities for dealers in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, South America, and elsewhere to import vehicles from North America. Dealers who import vehicles from North America attract buyers to their showrooms and gain an advantage over competitors because no one else sells the same vehicles. North American vehicles typically sell at a premium and help a dealer stand out in local markets. This is an exciting time to attract customers by buying inventory from North American suppliers.


Dealers outside of North America understand the marketability, the profit margins, and the natural draw of consumers to their showroom by inventorying vehicles not available in their local market. Many dealers have established an invaluable niche market with the products we offer.

Dealers globally choose to buy from NAATA Members in North America for the following reasons:

  • NAATA Members can provide unique products as many models are only sold in North America, such as Pickup Trucks, SUVs and Sports cars.
  • NAATA Members can source these vehicles at competitive prices, assist their clients with affordable shipping rates and customs clearance, and in many cases support clients with homologation to bring the vehicles into compliance with destination requirements.
  • NAATA has increased its involvement in reviewing policies at the Federal and State level – to ensure the viability of the business model of our members in a thriving market.
  • Most importantly, NAATA has strict qualifications for its members. Our screening process includes full background checks and a continuous self-policing policy to ensure the reliability of our members.


Though every international transaction differs between buyers and suppliers, there are two common transactions when buying vehicles from North America: In stock purchases and Ordered units. Knowing that you are dealing with reliable NAATA Members, many risks are minimal, unlike dealing with brokers that do not conform to our standards. Our Members have the ability to quote multiple shipping rates (FOB, CFR, C&F,etc).

Here are the typical transactions that our members deal with:

  • In stock purchases
    • Vehicles that have been pre-paid, currently in inventory, by our members.
      • These transactions are generally paid in full by buyers by wire transfers.
      • Some of our members may collect deposits with balances due at port of discharge.
      • Some members may add a small charge to insure a Purchase Order transaction.
      • Some members may accept a deposit and a Letter of Credit for the balance due.
    • Ordered vehicles
      • Vehicles that are ordered through the dealer network for future delivery.
        • Most of our members will require an upfront deposit to place the order.
        • The balance is generally covered with a Letter of Credit.
        • Some members may assist clients by accepting a Letter of Credit and a balance due upon receipt of VIN numbers and booking.


Click here for a directory of NAATA Members.