The North American Automobile Trade Association (NAATA) started in 1996, to represent the interests of vehicle dealers who imported and exported motor vehicles across international borders.

With the Canadian dollar at low levels and an ample supply of vehicles built to safety and emissions standards that were recognized internationally, a strong vehicle export industry was established in Canada. Vehicles were exported to the United States and around the world.  NAATA now has members in the United States, Mexico and around the world.  Any company with an interest in supplying or selling vehicles originating in North America is welcome to join.  Vehicle forwarders, shipping agents, foreign exchange traders, customs brokers, homologation experts and anyone else with an interest in this market is also welcome.

NAATA was established with a mission to promote the export of motor vehicles.  In 2010, there is now a flourishing vehicle import trade into Canada, thanks in part to currency changes. The Canadian dollar has shot up in value against the American dollar and Canadians from coast to coast are saving money buying a vehicle imported from the United States.

The North American vehicle export industry is also still thriving. Fourteen years after the beginning of our association, North American based exporters continue to serve markets around the world. The vehicle export industry here is based on a solid foundation of expertise and experience. It is also diversified to ensure that vehicles are sourced wherever there is a buying advantage for customers.

Whether buyers of imported and exported vehicles are interested in price savings or want vehicles that are not available in domestic markets, this is the time to take a hard look at buying an imported or exported vehicle.

For consumers, there can be significant savings and the chance to drive a vehicle that no one else has on the road. For dealers, this is an opportunity to put a car in your showroom that no one else is selling on the market. You will create excitement and showroom traffic as car enthusiasts are drawn in by interesting and unique models. These are the people who you want coming in your door because they influence sales and are the originating source of much business.

The process of importing and the manner in which suppliers and buyers do business differs for each company. However, there is a common structure, the elements of which are followed in most transactions.  It is important to work with a reliable and experienced supplier. NAATA is a source for referrals and we would be pleased to recommend a company with which you can do business.

We also invite you to our International Dealer Conference in November in Orlando, Florida, United States. This will be the ideal place to meet and spend quality time with customers, suppliers, dealers, importers, exporters, parallel traders, homologation experts, trade officials, shipping and transportation companies, government representatives, foreign exchange providers and others who are an integral part of the international vehicle import and export community. You are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Vehicle importers and exporters are able to offer a real tangible benefit to dealers and consumers. It is important for consumers to be aware of the advantages and increased choice associated with imported vehicles. It is also important for dealers to experience the excitement of showing product that is not otherwise available in the local market.  We encourage you to become involved with NAATA, to meet vehicle importers and exporters, suppliers and customers, to pick up the information you need for your business to be competitive and to become part of North America’s community of vehicle importers and exporters.



The American Automotive Shippers Association has a long, rich history of more than 20 years of association programs for members that include conferences, meetings, exclusivity with a Piers Protection program, access to premier shipping agents and has in the past offered cargo insurance at a discounted rate to members.  Many programs and initiatives have successfully been implemented over the course of many years, to continue providing programs and planning for the importing and exporting of motor vehicles around the globe.

The rich history of AASA are the results of one strong advocate of the exporting industry, Mr. Tino Max-Antoine Ruefenacht, who as previous President of AASA was the driving force behind the establishment of the organization at the onset.  The Board of Directors for AASA, along with Max, developed strong relationships with US based service providers and industry professionals, to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Prior to the passing of Max, the Board of Directors and Max entered into a reciprocal membership structure with the North American Automobile Trade Association – to improve benefits to members through strong collaboration with the two leading associations in the industry.

In 2013 under new leadership and as Joint Venture Partners, both AASA and NAATA continued to be the leading organization to support the industry of importing and exporting of motor vehicles.

In 2017 the organization continues as Naata. Naata has increased its impact on reviewing policies at the Federal and State level – to ensure the viability of business model of our members continues to be a thriving market.

Become a member today and take advantage of the exclusive opportunities and initiatives that NAATA can provide to their members.

For more information, please contact Michael O’rourke – Executive Director at