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Emirates National General Trading LLC

Saleem Ansari, Executive Director

Riggat Al Buteen
P O Box 11745 Suite 202 Al Salemiya Tower
Dubai, Dubai 0000
United Arab Emirates



We are located in Dubai - a trading hub connecting Europe, CIS, Africa, the Gulf and Asia almost half the world.  A Tax-free regime ensures highly competitive prices for all commodities more so for automobiles.  The high level of connectivity ensures delivery of goods within a reasonable time frame.   Multiplicity of ports, transparent rules and regulations make Dubai an attractive proposition to deal from.  The advantage is ours.
An ARABIA HOLDINGS Group have been growing in leaps and bounds in a wide spectrum of commercial activities that range from trading, construction, engineering, real estate, education, health and information technology and of course, transportation. We are a part of them dealing in automobiles. Like the parent company, we, Emirates National General Trading LLC, are also growing exponentially. We sold more than 3500 vehicles last year.  In every continent of the Earth. Our customers come from remotest parts of Africa to the highly demanding Europe.  All remain with us, duly satisfied.  With our dedication, quality, customer service and the ability to source the right vehicle.In India, Kuwait, China, Hong kong, Ukraine and Sudan we have our own offices.  GCC, CIS,  ASEAN, MENA Countries, Europe and China are our prime markets. The galaxy of cars we trade, includes, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hyundai and TATA Motors.  We also deal with two wheelers too.
Our expertise to deal globally have brought in partnership with European Association of Independent Vehicle Traders—the biggest community of like minded traders in automobiles.Our in-house logistics department ensures competitive and timely dispatch and receipt of goods to and from various parts of the globe.  Multi ethnic professional workforce ensures comfort levels for customers of different geographical origins. It is not the numbers that excite us, one or hundred, it is the customer; our prime focus.  We constantly and consciously innovate to provide complete satisfaction to our customers. A commitment we defend.  Any time.  Every time.